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About the Company

Stanley Ink is a locally owned and operated Residential and Commercial Construction business that has branched out to Mold Removal and Remediation Services and Professional Painting.

From his hometown roots in Southern Indiana, Wesley began his journey to branch out and start his business in 2016 in Rockport, Indiana. Wesley takes pride in providing for his mother and two daughters, who are also a part of Stanley Ink. Being outdoors, SxS riding, and boating are hobbies he enjoys with his friends and family. Oh, and let’s not forget his compassion for his dogs!

From crawling under crawl spaces to renovating kitchens and bathrooms, he uses integrity and hard work to do the job efficiently.

Throughout Wesley’s life, he has been observing and working in the construction industry to help him achieve his goals in this business and serve and achieve yours precisely and effectively!

wesley johnson standing near stanley ink construction truck

Did you know?

How Stanley Ink originated?

Wesley’s Papaw, who retired from the carpenters union and Evansville Fire Department and later struggled with dementia. He could never remember the name “Wesley” and would always call him “Stanley.” His Papaw’s last name was Inkenbrandt, and his nickname was “Ink.” Wesley wanted to incorporate his Papaw into his business from their strong bond to honor his name.



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